To find your day of service, please check with your municipality.

Every community is different. There are no federal guidelines. Check with your hauler to see what they accept curbside. If you have items you'd like to recycle and they are not accepted curbside with your program, check and click the Recycle Search button. Input what you'd like to recycle, your zip code and it will tell you the closest place that accepts said item.

Call your hauler to request a new recycling bin.

Please call your hauler if they missed your pick-up. Also, remember that their routes can change at any time so you MUST have your recycling out by 6am in most communities.

Things like chemicals, pesticides, paints, oils, etc. (look for labels with flammable, poison, danger, toxic and corrosive) should never be put in recycling and should not be disposed of with regular trash. Check with your community to see where you can properly dispose of them. Most communities offer a few HHW Days per year where you can drop off dangerous materials, batteries, electronics and more.

Log in to your account and click the "Rewards" tab. As long as you have reported recycling within the past 30 days, rewards are available to you. Scroll through and click on any offer you're interested in using. You can then print, or, with some, you can simply save to your smart phone.

Drawings are held on or near the last Thursday of every month. You can enter the drawings once per week by clicking the "Gift Card" tab. You can enter any or all of the drawings. Gift cards change every month so it's good to check in often. If you win you will be notified by email and the gift card will be sent to you electronically (E-gift cards) or via US Postal service (Physical gift cards) within 10 business days.

First, check your Spam folder to see if it was sent electronically and directed into Spam. If you still do not see it, call 810-653-2325 and we will help you track or trace your gift card.

Each hauler may observe different holidays. Please check with you hauler as to what holidays will affect your pick up.

In general, inclement weather does not affect your waste and recycling pick up. However, in extreme cases where only emergency vehicles are recommended to be on the roads, check with your local news station for delays.

No. You should NEVER bag ANY recycling. All recycling must be placed in container loose. If you have extra recycling, you can clearly label a plastic tub or a cardboard box "RECYCLING" and use it.

No problem. Flatten cardboard, cut to 2' x 2' and bundle with twine. Place beside recycling container for pick up.

No problem! Please feel free to reach out to us direct. Email: or call 1-810-653-2325. Email is the preferred method of reaching us.